Lit Communities’ Chief Strategy Officer, Rene Gonzalez, recently spoke about #DigitalInclusion at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. What is digital inclusion? It is a movement that makes sure all people and communities have access to technology that improves our everyday lives. It’s about leveling the playing field for disadvantaged communities, including families and businesses, who are lacking proper communication infrastructure.
Rene also serves as the chairman of the steering committee for the Digital Inclusion Alliance of San Antonio, and says he will “be a digital inclusion supporter til the day I die.” We are proud of Rene and the tireless work he is doing to bridge the digital divide.
Communities who do not have access to fast and reliable internet are at a distinct disadvantage economically, and they also suffer from lack of access to today’s newer technologies that improve health, emergency response, and public safety. It’s not just about being able to check your email, it’s about being able to take advantage of today’s connected world in a way that improves their everyday lives and keeps businesses running properly. 
At Lit Communities we believe #ItsAlwaysFeasible to build better broadband infrastructure, and we are dedicated to better quality of life for people no matter where they live.