How is Medina Fiber Different?

Fast Fiber Internet Speeds

Our mission at Medina Fiber is simple, to bring world class connectivity to Medina County by building a fiber to home network to all the county’s villages, townships, and cities. Medina County is a beautiful place to live and raise a family, but you may live in an area that must resort to using a cell phone hot spot or a DSL connection, or the connection to your home is likely being supplied by an outdated copper cable. We want to fix this!

Why is the type of cable servicing your home so important?

Fiber-optic Communication is a method of transmitting information by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. It offers significant reliability advantages over traditional copper connectivity, one being, that it is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions, which would normally stall data transmission on a copper line. Fiber optic cables transmit data at much higher speed than copper wires. This is because the speed of light is greater than the speed of electrons. Fiber optic cables also have a much larger bandwidth compared to traditional copper wires.

Did you also know that there are two types of internet speed?

Fiber also allows for lightning-fast symmetrical upload and download speeds, both of which are extremely important for things like video conferences, online schooling, gaming, and smart home applications.

Know the differences with your internet connection and your internet service provider! Don’t fall for the hype! 

Lightning Fast Fiber Internet Upload and Download Speeds

Is your current ISP offering you free upgrades? Maybe they are promising speeds of 200 Mbps and up? While 200 Mbps may sound great, did you know that this only represents the download speed? What about the upload speed? Have you read their fine print? Did you also know that they can fluctuate your “speed” and that they can lower it during their high demand or peak times? At Medina Fiber, there are no gimmicks. If you sign up for our 1000/1000 Gig Internet service, that is exactly what you get. The prices for our services are NOT introductory, so you do not have to worry about your bill increasing each year.

At Medina Fiber, we are a Local company, employing local people. We are excited that we were recently nominated for the Medina County Economic Development Business Award. This award honors a Medina County business who has had significant capital investment and that has provided a sustainable increase in revenue and/or employment by enhancing our community’s appeal, by expanding, building and/or renovating within the county. We feel very proud to be to be nominated for this award!

We would be privileged to be your new local high speed fiber optic internet/TV and phone provider.

A true fiber to the home connection will provide better overall performance for all your connected devices! Sign up today! Log onto our website at Or call to speak with a representative at 330-817-6628.