Reasons for Your Business to Use Online Backup

Reasons for Your Business to Use Online Backup

How important to your business is your data? What would happen if all those records, all that information was lost forever? The threats to data are many – from natural disaster to equipment failure to cybercrime – but the best prevention stands alone: online backup.

Can SMBs Use Free Online Backup?

There are plenty of options for free online storage, but they are limited in scale and functionality. Designed more for individuals than companies, they can’t provide true peace-of-mind protection for business owners.

That’s why Medina Fiber offers cloud backup as part of a lineup that extends from simple off-site data storage all the way to complete IT infrastructure colocation. Businesses that store data on our cloud enjoy the high speeds and broad bandwidth provided by fiber optics, backed up by redundant power sources, multiple storage locations, and 7/24 cybersecurity provided by experts who must meet stringent standards to maintain their certifications.

We make simple, regularly scheduled backup service affordable, reliable, and easily scalable for growing businesses. By taking data storage (and protection!) off your plate, we ensure you can focus on your business, rather than investing in the people and equipment you’d need to build a modern IT infrastructure on your own.

If your small or medium-sized business is still backing up data on physical devices such as thumb and hard drives — or, worse yet, you’re not backing up at all — now is the time to explore the robust, secure, scalable cloud storage options available to you from Medina Fiber.

Here are some more reasons why:


Flood, fire, wind, and rain can wreak havoc on any business, anywhere. Backing up data from one physical device to another only results in two vulnerable physical devices. Backing up data online takes that information offsite and out of danger.


There are regular news reports of bad actors taking revenge or simply taking data in attacks that cripple businesses, government agencies, and other organizations of all kinds through malware, spyware, and viruses. Particularly pernicious are ransomware attacks. Millions of dollars have been paid out – often tens of thousands of dollars at a time — by municipal governments, hospitals, and others whose systems have been taken hostage. Secure online backup can allow the targeted entity to completely wipe infected hardware and restore it to the last good version. 


Online data backup has become sophisticated enough to save sequential copies of your data. That’s really helpful for people who work with regularly updated files and suddenly find they need to recover something they mistakenly wrote over or deleted. 

Accessing the same file with different devices can allow you to take advantage of the best uses of each of those pieces of technology: think the mobility of a smartphone, the screen size and full keyboard ease of a laptop or desktop, or the presentation prowess of a tablet. Cloud-based synchronization makes that seamless.


Whether you automatically back up your data in real time, at the end of the business day, or choose when to push the storage button each time, the end result is a feeling of security knowing your valuable data — the lifeline of many an enterprise small or large — is indeed secure. How much is peace of mind worth to you and your business? 

To learn more about secure and reliable online backup and cloud services for your business, contact Medina Fiber today.

Planning a Move? Here’s How to Get Connected in Your New Home

Planning a Move? Here’s How to Get Connected in Your New Home

When you’re planning a move, you have about a million things on your mind. From packing to gathering boxes to hiring movers, there is a lot on your plate! But have you taken a moment to think about setting up your internet connection in your new home?

Fortunately, with a bit of planning, it’s easy to set up service or make the switch. And if you’re already a customer with Medina Fiber, high-speed fiber internet service may be available at your new address—and super simple to transfer!

Below are tips on how to easily set up, transfer, or find new fiber internet service so you and your family don’t have to miss a minute of streaming entertainment, email access, or online shopping for your new home. 

1) Sticking With Medina Fiber? Just Give Us a Call!

Are you an existing high-speed fiber internet customer of Medina Fiber? Just give us a call at (330) 366-2008 to find out if we service your new home. If so, we’ll make it easy to transfer services, and you can focus your attention on packing and other moving tasks.

2) Search Addresses on Fiber Homes

If you’re moving out of our service area, you can search any address at to discover which (if any) internet provider would deliver fiber to your new home. 

If you’re browsing Zillow to find homes, Fiber Homes also offers a free Google Chrome plug-in you can add to your browser that will show the provider right in Zillow’s home overviews for your convenience!

Once you’ve identified the provider, you can reach out to confirm availability and schedule an install before you make the move to minimize any downtime in your new home.

3) Installation and Wi-Fi Optimization

If you’re remaining a customer of Medina Fiber, we make it easy to get connected in your new home. 

Our skilled installation technicians will help determine how best to optimize your wi-fi, including ascertaining the best location for your wi-fi router in your new home. They’re trained to know the many facets of router placement, including minimizing interference from walls and other electronic equipment, to help you get the most out of the high-speed fiber internet you’ve wisely selected. 

Moving is never easy—but transferring your internet services can be! Just contact us today. We’re proud to keep you connected.

Rely on Broadband Internet Connection

Rely on Broadband Internet Connection

All of us rely on the internet to work, learn, socialize and stream from home.  That’s why a fast, high-quality broadband internet connection is so important.  For both homes and businesses, fiber internet from Medina Fiber can improve the lives of everyone in Medina County. Here’s a look at what a broadband internet connection is and why it’s so great.

What is a Broadband Internet Connection

A broadband internet connection is a highly reliable network that delivers text and video data at high speeds to homes and businesses all over our area.  By far, a fiber optic broadband internet connection is the fastest and most consistent type of connection available, and that’s exactly what Media Fiber provides. This innovative technology has replaced traditional cable and phone lines to bring ultra-fast gigabit internet to all of our subscribers.   

If you’ve ever been frustrated by unreliable internet service or severe weather and peak hour slow-downs, fiber internet will eliminate all those headaches. Take a look at some of the many ways that broadband internet connections from Media Fiber are making a difference in our communities.  

Residential Internet

From watching movies and TV to remote learning and gaming, a fast and reliable broadband internet connection is critical to every household.  Fiber service from Medina Fiber is significantly faster and more dependable than traditional DSL and cable connections. Fiber-optic connections are also far less likely to be impacted by electrical interference or bad weather – further enhancing the reliability of your internet service and enhancing your overall online experience.  

Internet for Business

In order to get your work done, you’re likely online all the time and are dependent on a fast connection. When your business internet service is slow, it negatively impacts your ability to host or participate in video conference calls, upload and transmit large files or download applications – hurting your ability to manage your email and other essential business functions such as customer service and sales.  With lightning-fast internet service from Medina Fiber, you’ll always have the dedicated bandwidth needed to run all your cloud-based applications without losing the stream. This enhances your productivity and allows you to make the best use of your time.    

When it comes to broadband internet connections, Medina Fiber has the fastest and most reliable fiber service in the county. Give us a call at (330) 366-2008 or sign up today.   

Your Guide to Smart Home Security

Your Guide to Smart Home Security

Your top priority is keeping your family and home protected and safe from harm. Thankfully, today’s technology can help.

Your neighbors at Medina Fiber understand your concerns and desire to keep your family safe. We are also a part of our community and are proud to help serve and keep people informed, connected, healthy and secure. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide to smart home security that anyone connected to our high-speed fiber network can learn from and put to good use.

This concise overview highlights some of the most well-regarded smart home security measures and technology recommended by home safety experts. 

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells help you see who is at your door before you answer. They also monitor any activity on your doorstep, front porch, driveway and even on the street in some cases. These devices can help prevent deliveries and packages from being stolen and deter suspicious activity at your home.

Smart Security Cameras

A smart security camera setup is a must for those looking for more robust security. 

You can install a smart security camera system anywhere in or outside your home, from the driveway to the backyard. Many smart security cameras are designed with motion sensors, so any time a person—or even larger wildlife—is detected, you will know it. 

You can also use smart security cameras with motion-sensing outdoor lighting, which will also help deter unwanted visitors. Best of all, smart security cameras connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and all your devices, keeping you notified of activity outside your home.

Smart Lighting and Glass-Break Detectors

Other state-of-the-art smart home tools can further improve safety and security. For example, glass-break detectors can alert you to intruders. Similarly, smart lights detect motion and can send notifications to your phone or tablet, alerting you to be on your guard.

When these devices connect to your home’s fiber network, your family can be notified of a break-in, even if you aren’t home. 

Personal Medical Alert and Emergency Devices 

Seniors and others with mobility limitations or chronic health problems need quick communication with first responders.  

When there’s an acute health emergency or other safety concern, personal medical alert and emergency devices can connect people to first responders at the touch of a button. During an emergency, there’s no need for seniors to locate and use a phone. Modern wearable tech makes it easier than ever to contact emergency services in seconds.

Don’t Forget About Network and Online Security

At Medina Fiber, we take the security and stability of our network very seriously. Our engineers and technicians constantly work to keep the network safe from attacks.  But there are also some steps you can take to protect your data and online privacy.

Keep your home network safe from hackers and phishing attacks by using strong anti-virus software and apps on all your devices, as well as password managers to safeguard your accounts. 

And be sure to use a complex password that is difficult to guess—and not the same as all your other passwords! Ad blockers can also save both aggravation and the unseemly tendency of advertisers to track your online activity.

These are just some innovative devices and services available to put smart home technology to good use for home safety and security. But as always, practice common sense in and around your home and online.

Keep front and back doors locked (and car doors, too). And avoid clicking on suspicious emails or untrustworthy links, so you don’t become a victim of a security breach. A little caution, paired with modern technology, can keep your home, family, and community safe and secure.

Follow Medina Fiber’s social pages to learn more about how smart home technology can help make your home more efficient and safer.

These Bandwidth Hogs Slow Your Internet (Unless You Have Fiber)

These Bandwidth Hogs Slow Your Internet (Unless You Have Fiber)

Many internet users experience a sluggish connection even with “high-speed internet.” They’ve invested in a good Wi-Fi router, perhaps a range extender, and may have even upgraded to a faster internet plan.

So why do they find themselves frequently frustrated by slowdowns and freeze-ups? What about their devices—or internet plan—causes this underwhelming performance? And what, if anything, can people do to reduce or even eliminate these issues?

The most likely culprits behind poor internet performance are bandwidth hogs—devices and online activities that gobble up too much bandwidth and slow down everyone’s internet access. 

The good news is Medina Fiber’s advanced fiber network provides exceptionally high download speeds and the much-overlooked bandwidth capacity that only fiber internet can offer. Combined, fiber’s high speeds and excellent bandwidth can end internet sluggishness. 

We discuss bandwidth in greater detail below and explain why every internet customer needs to understand it. 

Then, we turn to the most common bandwidth hogs in most people’s homes—devices and online activities—and then explain how Medina Fiber’s best speed tiers can help resolve any bandwidth issues.

What Is Bandwidth—and Why Is Higher Bandwidth So Important?

Bandwidth can be confusing. Put simply, bandwidth is the amount of information an internet connection can manage per second. 

Bandwidth doesn’t measure a particular internet connection’s rate (or speed). Instead, it’s about the volume of online data a connection can “carry” and transfer at any given time.

High bandwidth levels let internet users accomplish activities like streaming TV shows, participating in video calls, playing online games, and posting to social media simultaneously without any slowdowns. 

More bandwidth is indispensable for keeping an active online household productive—and happy!

What Exactly Is a Bandwidth Hog?

A bandwidth hog is a colloquial term for a device or online activity that eats up more than its fair share of bandwidth. It hogs too much bandwidth and greedily takes it from other devices or activities. Keep in mind that everyday web browsing typically has little impact on overall bandwidth use.

Some devices are famous bandwidth hogs. Just by turning on and connecting to a bandwidth hog, a huge amount of available bandwidth on your internet connection will be used. 

And certain activities require excess bandwidth to carry out your needs. When even one (or more) bandwidth hogs are activated, the dreaded slowdowns and freeze-ups can occur, leading to frustration and anger in your home!

Common Household Bandwidth Hogs 

Smart TVs

Today’s smart TVs feature enhanced technology that displays amazing picture quality. 

High definition, 4K, and 4K Ultra-HD TVs produce stunning imagery and hog lots of bandwidth in the process. Using your smart TV can devour an enormous slice of your home internet’s bandwidth. If you have limited bandwidth capacity, your smart TV could impact other devices and online activities or even slow down a show you want to watch.

Video Streaming 

By far the activity with the most excessive use of bandwidth is streaming video. 

Netflix tends to be the top offender, in part due to its popularity and vast library of content. Many people stream shows and movies on other devices like their tablets rather than just their smart TVs. And if you have more than one person in your household—and multiple tablets and phones in use—your bandwidth can easily be hogged just by streaming shows and movies. 

And Netflix isn’t the only problem. Streaming services like TikTok and YouTube also use lots of bandwidth. Posting videos also hogs the bandwidth dedicated to uploads, which can be limited unless you’re on a fiber plan with symmetrical speeds.

Video Calling

During the COVID-19 pandemic, video conference calling became a daily part of life for many people. Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and other services allowed people to stay connected face-to-face, even across long distances. But video calls are notorious bandwidth hogs. 

Voice, text, and video all combine to devour bandwidth—and that’s why you’ve experienced those ridiculous freeze-frame faces during the call!

And remember, with video calling, you are not just receiving data—you are also continuously sending it back to the server (uploading). That accounts for video calling’s massive appetite for bandwidth and why so many video calls end up frustrating people… unless you have fiber internet’s fast uploads!

Online Gaming

Another big-time bandwidth hog is online gaming. 

Online gaming is incredibly problematic from a bandwidth perspective because, like video calling, information is shared—from the player back to the server and the server back to the player. It often jams the internet connection for gamers and others in the house. 

Higher bandwidth allows this excessive volume of data to transfer with far less latency or other delays. So gamers experiencing lag or freezes will benefit from internet plans and tiers that provide more bandwidth. 

What’s the Best Way to Get More Bandwidth?

Well, apart from eliminating bandwidth hogs—the devices and activities you already have and love—your best solution is to upgrade to fiber internet. 

DSL, cable, and satellite internet don’t have fiber’s high speeds or bandwidth capacity because fiber’s innovative design and cutting-edge materials allow for data to transfer faster and in much higher volumes.

If you already have fiber internet and would like to improve your internet service, you should increase your plan’s maximum speeds. With our fastest plans, offering speeds up to 1000 Mbps, not even these typical “hogs” will be able to gobble up all your bandwidth! 

Our top tier package provides plenty of bandwidth to allow a steady flow of online activity like streaming TV and movies, video calling, online gaming, and social media posting. Just by using fiber internet and upgrading your internet speed, you should easily get all the bandwidth your household needs.

To sum it all up, the more bandwidth an internet connection has, the more information it can send out and get back at any particular moment. 

And with fiber’s advanced technology and higher speeds, you’ll have additional bandwidth to disburse throughout your home and among your devices. With fiber’s higher bandwidth capacity, your household can avoid the freeze-ups and slowdowns that still plague so many internet users today.

If you have more questions about how fiber internet and its maximum speeds and higher bandwidth can make a difference in your internet connection, feel free to reach out to us.

And be sure to check out Medina Fiber’s social pages to learn more about our fiber network!