Services and Pricing

(High Speed Home Internet, Voice and Streaming TV)

What are your service offerings (including high speed home Internet options) and how much do they cost?


250/250mbps – $39.99/month*
500/500mbps – $59.99/month*
1000/1000mbps – $79.99/month*

* Premium WiFi $10 additional per month, required.

Learn more about Premium WiFi


$24.99 per line

Streaming Television

More information about TV services

What is Premium WiFi?

Premium WiFi is Lit Fiber Medina’s unparalleled wireless internet experience! With Premium WiFi you will get one top-of-the-line GigaSpire router enabling you a personalized, elevated internet connection. Features such as parental controls, device and bandwidth management, and network level security are all made possible with Medina Fiber’s Premium WiFi service!

Manage your service right from your smartphone with the MyMedina Fiber app, available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores!

How much does Premium WiFi cost?

For customers with 1000/1000 Mbps, Premium WiFi is free! Customers with 250/250 Mbps or 500/500 Mbps get a free three-month trial of Premium WiFi with the option to continue for $7.99/month

Are there any equipment rental fees?

One Gigaspire WiFi router is included in the Premium WiFi service. Any additional WiFi devices ordered through Lit Fiber Medina will be an additional $7.99/month per device. This would include any mesh WiFi units, WiFi extenders, or other devices requested by the Customer.

Will you be offering TV? Will you have local channels?

DIRECTV STREAM is a live TV streaming service offering several channel package options that includes local channels. Stream up to 20 devices in your home and up to 3 outside of your home. Watch your favorite shows on your favorite device! Stream on the DIRECTV STREAM Device or straight from your smart TV or various streaming or mobile devices with the DIRECTV App. The options are endless with DIRECTV STREAM! 

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Are business services offered?

Yes, business broadband internet services will be offered. Please go to this page to fill out our business services form and personnel from Lit Fiber Medina will be in contact with you.

Can I upgrade or downgrade service speeds easily without a fee?

Yes, you can easily switch between plans. You can also add or take away additional services like voice lines with the same ease. Please call our office to make changes to your account.

Does Medina Fiber have a local store?

Yes! Come visit our Demo Center at 255 Center St. in Seville to experience the Lit Fiber Medina difference, explore streaming TV options, and more.

Will you be enforcing data caps?

No! We will never cap your data on any of our plans.

When will I get my first bill?

Even if you sign up for services before they become available, we won’t begin billing you until you’ve scheduled an installation and are receiving our services.

Surveys and Sign Ups

What’s the difference between a survey and a sign up?

If your address falls within a Survey area, service isn’t yet available at your address. By completing the survey, you can influence how quickly we connect your neighborhood and ensure you’re notified when service is available.

If your address falls within a Sign Up area, it means that you can schedule an installation date and start receiving service. Once you sign up online, we’ll reach out to schedule your install, so look for a call or email from our team!

What if my address is not found when I go to take the survey or sign up?

Please email info@medinafiber.net with your Name, Address, Email, and Phone # and we will get this issue fixed right away.

Am I locked into the services I signed up for, or can I change my mind?

No, you can change your services at any time. Also, when scheduling your installation, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your internet speeds and add additional services if you so wish!

I want to encourage my neighbors to sign up. How do I do that?

You can encourage your neighbors to sign up or take the survey here.

Interested in becoming a neighborhood connector to help spread the word to your neighbors/community? Contact us for more information: info@medinafiber.net


When are you bringing service to my neighborhood?

We are currently servicing Seville, Westfield, parts of Montville, and Medina South areas. Building a fiber network takes a bit of time, but our goal is to eventually reach everyone in Medina County over the next 3 years!

What does the construction look like to my home?

First, we will notify you that construction is beginning soon in your neighborhood with door hangers and social media posts about what you can expect over the coming weeks.

Next, you will see our locators out in your neighborhood marking where existing utilities are located. This is important so we don’t disrupt any of your utilities at your home!

Finally, you will see our construction crews placing our network along the Right-of-Way in front of your house. This process takes a few weeks to finish up before the crews are completely gone, so we appreciate your patience through it all!

Watch this video for more information! For any construction questions please call 330-222-8833.

Does someone have to come inside my home to hook up my services?

On your chosen date and time of installation a Lit Fiber Medina technician will need to access inside your home, so it is important you choose a time that is convenient for you. This technician will connect your service, test your Wi-Fi range, help you set up additional devices, show you how to download and use your MyMedina Fiber phone app, and make sure you’re ready to enjoy your fiber connection!


Will I need any additional equipment for a Lit Fiber Medina connection?

With our Premium Wi-Fi service, every customer will get a cutting edge GigaSpire wireless router! Our GigaSpire routers offer an unparalleled Wi-Fi experience, and come bundled with an application that allows our customers unprecedented control and security of all their devices.

What should I do if I have a problem with my service?

Please call 330-366-2008 for any issues related to your service or bill.

A local Lit Fiber Medina representative will try to remotely help you resolve any issues you may be having. If we cannot fix the problem over the phone, we will send a technician to your house to look further into the issue.