With roughly 1,600 fiber internet providers across America, we’re entering a golden age of access to inexpensive, reliable, lightning-fast web connections. Consumers, businesses, and organizations have plenty of options when upgrading to fiber optic internet service. The choice is there; what might not be as clear are the many reasons why you should make the switch to a fiber optic network.  

Fast, Reliable, High-Capacity Fiber Optics  

Consisting of laser light shot through strands of optical fiber no thicker than a human hair, fiber optic cable can deliver much more data, faster, than standard copper cable. In today’s world, where the nonstop streaming of everything from movies to podcasts to work-from-home data transfers puts a premium on capacity, fiber optic networks outperform. With so many devices connected to your home network, from laptops and TVs to doorbells and thermostats, bandwidth is king, and fiber internet providers currently sit on that throne.   

Fiber internet is also more durable, secure and resistant to interruptions like electromagnetic interference that can severely disrupt a copper signal. Fiber networks safeguard data better than copper cables because they’re less vulnerable, and they also exhibit much lower distortion levels. For instance, a signal can travel about 40 to 60 times further on a fiber optic network without distortion compared with a copper cable network.  

Medina Fiber Stands Apart  

While fiber internet is superior to cable alternatives, not all fiber providers are equal. Medina Fiber stands apart from the rest by delivering next-level pricing, features and service.  

Medina Fiber provides symmetrical uploads and downloads. That means that you experience lightning-fast speeds both downloading and uploading data such as apps, games, files, etc. For businesses that transfer large files frequently, this capability can be critically important. Many cable networks provide only asymmetrical service, with uploads happening much slower than downloads, which translates into longer wait times.   

Medina Fiber also offers fixed-rate pricing that won’t increase until 2042 – where else can you get a deal like that in today’s inflationary times? Other benefits include unlimited data with no caps on how much you can stream, game or browse. And best of all, it’s the area’s hometown fiber company staffed by your friends and neighbors, so no cold, “take a number” service here! 

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