It’s human nature: when you’re waiting for something to download, even seconds can seem like an eternity. In the age of short attention spans and instant expectations, waiting for internet uploads and downloads has become an outdated concept, and fiber optic networks made it happen.

Sending Light Instead of Electricity

Fiber optics replace traditional copper wires with hair-like strands of optical fiber that process light from a laser instead of electricity. Bundled together, these optical fibers deliver a fast, reliable, and secure signal with none of the snapping, popping, or crackling common with electrical current. In fact, compared with similar-diameter copper cables, a fiber optic network can carry far more signals, further, and at higher speeds. They also have much lower distortion levels. For instance, a signal can travel about 40 times further on a fiber optic network without distorting compared to a copper cable network.  

Fiber optic networks show superior resilience in the face of extreme temperatures. And electromagnetic interference that can disrupt copper cable networks is not a problem with fiber optics. Lighter, thinner, and more robust than copper wires, optical fibers are less likely to become damaged under normal wear and tear as well. Ideal for gaming and streaming because they don’t become overloaded as easily at copper, a fiber optic network provides superior service for homes and businesses throughout Medina County. They’re also inherently more secure than copper because tapping into their signals is significantly more difficult.

Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds 

What’s more, a fiber network like the one developed by Medina Fiber provides symmetrical uploads and downloads, meaning the network delivers data to you at the same speed it allows you to send information. For businesses that transmit large files, this distinction can be critically important. Many cable networks provide only asymmetrical service, with downloads happening much faster than uploads, which translates into longer wait times. 

Medina Fiber’s optical network also features built-in fail-safe features like redundant fiber loops that will carry the signal even if something severs the fiber network’s “backbone.” 

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