A fast, highly-quality internet connection at homes and businesses can improve the lives of everyone in Medina County, and a reliable fiber optic internet connection from Medina Fiber is the best option available today. 

 But, what is fiber optics internet, and why is it so great? This innovative technology has replaced traditional phone and cable lines to bring in ultra-fast gigabit internet to homes and businesses all over our area. It sends data via laser light and special glass-spun cables that will not suffer from electrical interference.   

If you are accustomed to unreliable service during severe weather and peak hour slow-downs, fiber optics internet will alleviate those issues. Fiber internet doesn’t share its bandwidth with other houses on your street like phone and cable lines do.   

All of us rely on the internet to work, learn, socialize and stream from home.  Take a look at some of the many ways that fiber optic internet service from Media Fiber is making a difference in our communities.

Home Entertainment 

  • Ultra-fast gaming experiences 
  • Perfect, reliable streaming for TV and movies 

Smart Home Devices

  • IoT (Internet of things) 
  • Home security systems 
  • HVAC and other home appliances  


  • Online learning from home 
  • Other childhood and adult educational purposes

Remote and Hybrid Working

  • Quick access to cloud-based business platforms 
  • Ultra-reliable video conference connections 


  • Hi-speed, reliable access to telehealth networks 
  • Online access to primary care physicians and other clinicians 


  • Ultra-fast, highly-reliable intra-agency and inter-agency connections 

Public Safety

  • Ultra-fast connections among local, state and federal officials and departments.


If your internet service is slow, your productivity, sales and customer service can suffer. With lightning-fast fiber optic internet service from Medina Fiber, you’ll have the dedicated bandwidth you need to run all of your cloud-based applications without losing the stream. Here are a few key takeaways for businesses: 

  • Reliably send and receive email 
  • Reliable access to cloud computing  
  • Dependable connections for video conferencing 

When it comes to fiber optics internet service, Medina Fiber has the fastest and most reliable connections in the county. Give us a call at (330) 366-2008 or email us at info@medinafiber.net to sign up today. Let’s get you the high-speed service you deserve!