Fiber Broadband Internet for

Homes and Small Businesses

Lit Fiber – Medina  is a locally-operated internet service provider powered by Lit Communities. In 2013, Medina County completed the build out of an open access middle mile fiber ring, which brought connectivity to large and midsize businesses across the county—but not residents and small businesses. Medina Fiber was founded to partner with Medina County Fiber Network (MCFN) in solving that problem and building a FTTH/B network across the county.


Now, we’re working hard to expand the network and connect residents and small businesses in Medina. Construction and the rollout of broadband services will take place in phased deployments, starting in 2021. We believe everyone deserves access to fast, reliable fiber internet to work, learn, access telehealth, and more. We’re proud to bring that access to 45,000 homes and businesses across Medina.