All of us rely on the internet to work, learn, socialize and stream from home.  That’s why a fast, high-quality broadband internet connection is so important.  For both homes and businesses, fiber internet from Medina Fiber can improve the lives of everyone in Medina County. Here’s a look at what a broadband internet connection is and why it’s so great.

What is a Broadband Internet Connection

A broadband internet connection is a highly reliable network that delivers text and video data at high speeds to homes and businesses all over our area.  By far, a fiber optic broadband internet connection is the fastest and most consistent type of connection available, and that’s exactly what Media Fiber provides. This innovative technology has replaced traditional cable and phone lines to bring ultra-fast gigabit internet to all of our subscribers.   

If you’ve ever been frustrated by unreliable internet service or severe weather and peak hour slow-downs, fiber internet will eliminate all those headaches. Take a look at some of the many ways that broadband internet connections from Media Fiber are making a difference in our communities.  

Residential Internet

From watching movies and TV to remote learning and gaming, a fast and reliable broadband internet connection is critical to every household.  Fiber service from Medina Fiber is significantly faster and more dependable than traditional DSL and cable connections. Fiber-optic connections are also far less likely to be impacted by electrical interference or bad weather – further enhancing the reliability of your internet service and enhancing your overall online experience.  

Internet for Business

In order to get your work done, you’re likely online all the time and are dependent on a fast connection. When your business internet service is slow, it negatively impacts your ability to host or participate in video conference calls, upload and transmit large files or download applications – hurting your ability to manage your email and other essential business functions such as customer service and sales.  With lightning-fast internet service from Medina Fiber, you’ll always have the dedicated bandwidth needed to run all your cloud-based applications without losing the stream. This enhances your productivity and allows you to make the best use of your time.    

When it comes to broadband internet connections, Medina Fiber has the fastest and most reliable fiber service in the county. Give us a call at (330) 366-2008 or sign up today.