A key lesson that everyone learned during the COVID 19 pandemic is that fast internet service has never been more important!  From remote learning to remote working, we continue to rely on fast internet service to get things done.  While our kids have gone back to the classroom, both remote and hybrid working is here to stay, and that means Medina County needs the fastest, most reliable internet service available. At Medina Fiber, our fiber internet service is highly reliable and ultra-fast.  It also allows households and businesses of all sizes to send and receive data exponentially faster than traditional cable connections and phone lines. Take a look at what fast internet service from Medina Fiber can do for you.

Fast Internet for Business 

While a slow internet connection at home is irritating, a slow business connection is a huge problem. When your business internet is slow, you lose your ability to quickly send and receive email, host and attend video conferences, access your cloud-based software and more. Poor internet speeds hurt productivity and can impact your sales.   

In today’s digital world, you’re likely online all the time and dependent on a fast connection. When your business internet service is slow, it takes longer for your applications to load, and that can hurt your ability to manage your email and other essential business functions such as sales and customer service. With lightning-fast internet service from Medina Fiber, you’ll always have the dedicated bandwidth needed to run all of your cloud-based applications, without losing the stream. This enhances your productivity by allowing you to multi-task and make the best use of your time.

Fast Internet for the Home

From watching TV and movies to gaming and remote learning, fast and reliable internet service is critical to your household. Fiber-optic connections from Medina Fiber are significantly faster and more reliable than traditional DSL and cable connections. Fiber-optic connections are also far less likely to be impacted by electrical interference or bad weather – further enhancing the reliability of your internet service and enhancing your overall online experience.  

Whether you’re a working from home, or running a small business, Medina Fiber has the fast internet package you need. Give us a call at (330) 366-2008 or email us at info@medinafiber.net to sign up today. We look forward to speaking with you.