Customer Reviews

I want to say we love our Medina Fiber, we got it installed in the fall and it’s been amazing thank you!

Dan & Erin N.

I cannot say enough good things about the young men that have worked here to make this happen- from the gentlemen who laid the cable- those who installed the box and wires - to the ones who hooked me up- they have all been courteous, professional and extremely helpful. Thank you for making this all come together for me.

Sue W.

Kudos to the Medina Fiber digging crew! I have never seen a job done as clean and neat as these guys are doing it. You’d never even know they dug a hole. Hard to find such good work these days.

Sarah S.

Absolutely amazing work!! And they are extremely hard workers!!

Jane R.

Your outfit deserves two "Attaboys". After your installers left yesterday and I had a chance to check each of my machines, I opened the little gift your men left as a welcoming present; popcorn, candy, and a functional drawstring bag. What a marvelous touch. Somebody in your outfit understands Marketing. When I think back on my welcome gift from Spectrum after they took over from Time Warner, I couldn't help but smile; candy trumps the bitter taste of a price increase. That was my gift from Spectrum.

John K.

Install was quick, easy and some of the most friendliest people! It’s one of the most smoothest/consistent internets we've ever had. We are very happy with it!

Josh N.

We’ve got great speeds and faster than Spectrum!I've been very happy with my fiber.

Blair E.

Medina Fiber is consistently better than Spectrum for us. Great customer service via phone or email if you have an issue. It is faster and costs less.

Ken O.

I just switched this week. The price for life lock convinced me. Only a few days in, but everything has been perfect!

Kenny C.

I was on Spectrum business and had more down time than up. Medina Fiber has had zero problems for us so far.

Anthony L.

We experienced an interruption in service. We called today and they came out and fixed it TODAY! Seriously amazing! Everyone that we were in contact with was SO kind and helpful.

Carly H.

Making the switch to Medina Fiber this week! Can’t wait to leave Spectrum!

Mark D.

We just switched to Medina Fiber and our bill went down $120.00 a month!

Martha F.

Medina Fiber is the best! Installed in Aug. I've had no issues.

Tom I.

Medina Fiber-cheaper and no issues since installed in September. No more buffering like with Spectrum! I was fed up with Spectrum increases with low rates only going to new customers.

Rick V.

We've had it for a couple weeks here in Pineview Estates. They have been in our neighborhood everyday working hard. Everyone has been extremely nice.

Amelia C.

It’s been great!

Paul A.

Just got ours yesterday and we live in town. With 3 kids and 2 who game online we were able to stream last night while our teenagers were gaming and it didn't buffer once! Also our bill is less!

Heidi P.

Not only is Medina Fiber making Seville an even better place to live and work, it’s making my house that way too! Since I made the switch and cut the cable cord, my service has been fast and reliable. They even helped me figure out how to stream TV! If you haven’t switched over yet, give them a call.

Mayor Carter

I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU so much for bringing fiber to Medina. As a telecom attorney, I often find myself being the only person among my friends and family that recognizes what makes the difference between good internet and bad internet—that there is so much more, and it is all based on the actual type of service you get and not the price. Tonight, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Ms. Fran at the Medina County Fair at your booth about all of the offerings and the future for Medina Fiber. We spoke about the importance of fiber and how wonderful it will be for rural Medina, and most importantly how we love our jobs.

Kasey M.

In regards to the free speed increase; Thank you and all the folks at Medina Fiber. This is an unexpected gift... and proof that Medina Fiber is trying harder than the competition to do things right. Have a Great Christmas!

David G.

Medina Fiber just left my place……As of now, I don’t see myself switching to anyone else. It’s unbelievable how fast 💨 it is now!

Lisa R.

If you are in Seville, or Westfield, fiber from Medina Fiber is the best and the best news is they are heading north very soon. Lowest price, fantastic service, lighting fast speeds!

Mike T.