For many Medina County business owners, maintaining the technology needed to run the company is a financial burden and significant risk. 
Maybe you worry about a costly system crash cutting into profits, struggle to keep your computers up to date, or worry about data security. For many businesses, addressing these concerns means hiring one or more IT professionals, or paying for hourly help when problems arise – two imperfect solutions. Managed IT Service offers a flat-fee solution that is cost effective and reduces risk.  

Managed IT Service Saves Money 

Although Managed IT Service may appear expensive at first glance, the savings are significant when compared to the expense of an equivalent in-house IT staff or, worse yet, the high price of downtime. 
You want to make sure your IT capabilities are reliable similar to what you should expect peak performance from business internet providers like Medina Fiber. 
For many small and medium businesses, building an IT team is cost prohibitive. Salary and benefits for just one full-time IT employee can cost significantly more than the annual rate for Managed IT support, and those costs don’t factor in the additional expense of maintaining multiple certifications and staying up to date on emerging technologies. Opting to contract Managed IT support gives you access to an entire team of IT professionals trained in multiple disciplines, certified to handle a broad range of issues, and equipped with the necessary monitoring and diagnostic tools.  

A study conducted in 2017 by Resource One, Inc. examined the variance in IT expenses when businesses switched from hourly, as-needed IT support to Managed IT Service. This study revealed that 96% of the businesses that made the switch cut annual costs. In fact, 46% of those businesses saved at least 25% on IT expenses annually, and 13% of those businesses saved 50% or more.  

Business leaders tend to underestimate the amount of IT support required annually, and budgeting exercises often undervalue the financial benefits of proactive support. Contracting Managed IT Service at a flat fee makes budgeting easier by keeping IT expenses predictable, eliminating costly surprises. 

Proactive Support Protects Business Continuity 

Just as the cost of preventing an illness by adopting healthy habits is cheaper than treating an illness once it has developed, maintaining up-to-date, secure technology infrastructure saves your business the high price tags that come with emergencies and downtime.  

Managed IT providers offer proactive support, protecting you from problems that could cripple your technology infrastructure and compromise your data security. They ensure your business applications and customer data are protected from the latest threats, and they keep your systems updated, making minor adjustments to prevent small issues from growing into major concerns. 

Waiting to react to problems as they arise can put your business continuity – and your business – in jeopardy. With Managed IT Service, your operation gains a team of fully certified IT professionals utilizing industry best practices to ensure your business applications remains at peak performance.  

If emerging infrastructure issues do arise, the team can solve these problems before they grow large enough to affect the business. In most cases, emerging issues can be remedied remotely, so your Medina County employees have on-the-spot, immediate support.