Cut Cable and Start Streaming with Medina Fiber

Medina Fiber’s high speed Internet means that you can stream video to your smart TV or streaming device at you Medina County home – without any data caps or hassle! You can finally cut the cord and get your favorite content without traditional cable (and without the expensive equipment).

Already stream all your TV content? Take it to the next level with our 1000/1000 internet service for ultra high resolution and no buffering.

How to Switch to Streaming

Start Streaming in 3 Easy Steps

1. Get some high quality Internet

Sign up for Medina Fiber’s Internet. See the available plans and rates or sign up for service now!

2. Use a Smart TV or streaming device

If you have a Smart TV, it should be ready to stream right out of the box. No Smart TV? Not a problem! You just need a streaming device like a Roku or Firestick which will enable streaming on older televisions. You can also stream on your smartphone, tablet, and computer in addition to your tv!

3. Customize your TV experience

The last, best step: time to decide what you want to watch!  We have partnered with MyBundle.TV to help find the right streaming services for you. Just answer a few brief questions about your viewing needs and we’ll help you find the best and most economical streaming options available to you.